Simplifying CyberSecurity

Arctic Security

Preact to your Cybersecurity issues with Arctic Security

With external cybersecurity monitoring. Every day, Arctic Security collects and processes over 15 million reports on the cybersecurity issues of 80,000 organizations, most of which are unknown to them. Information about vulnerable or compromised computers rarely reaches the users who can take the appropriate actions, and this provides cybercriminals with opportunities they might not otherwise have. Arctic Security’s Early Warning Service shares information about any and all threats in your network so you can be confident that it’s safe.

Simplifying cybersecurity

Improving cybersecurity and reducing cyber risk doesn’t have to be mysterious or complicated – the goal is to reach as few and as insignificant notifications as possible. Many issues can and should be solved by IT staff in the course of their routine tasks. As a change agent in cybersecurity, Arctic Security designed Early Warning Service to provide its clients with easy-to-digest and actionable information. Not only does this systematically build up the capabilities of staff, but it helps you to achieve the goal of improving stakeholder cybersecurity posture.

A cybersecurity service with a proven track record

Early warning services for cybersecurity issues are not a new idea. They have been successfully used in cyber defense to protect critical national infrastructure and improve cybersecurity for companies. Until now, these have been implemented by National Cyber Security Centers (NCSCs) and Computer Emergency Response Teams (CERTs) in many countries. Arctic Security developed the technology platform used in many of the established warning systems, and we have seen in practice how beneficial that can be.

When you perform a cybersecurity assessment for your company, it is crucial to have access to a reliable source of information. For companies with assets spread over multiple countries, for example, Early Warning Service provides additional information and improved coverage compared to even national services. Now, our Early Warning Service is commercially available to any company in the world.