AI Enabled Intelligence


Drive Device Evolution

Innovation at Edge

Apecomm’s solutions integrate wireless access points with smart algorithms to learn trends from unstructured data, correlate various dynamic events, and offer superior user experience through proactive actions.

Artificial Intelligence at its Core

Their platform follows a 5 step process of

  • Collect – gathers intelligence across access points
  • Learn – understand WiFi and device patterns to learn
  • Insight – examine large amounts of data, correlate, provide visual insights
  • Act – instant remediation with actionable insights
  • Evolve – turn reactive devices to proactive self-healing device

A Contextually Intelligent Wi-Fi

Turn information into insights with Aprecomm’s contextual intelligence platform. Aprecomm helps businesses track, monitor, and analyze user data to improve WiFi visibility and user experience.

Make your Wi-Fi More reliable with VWE

In this digital era, reliable Wi-Fi experience is quickly becoming the key factor to retain a customer.  Irrespective of how good the wireless hardware is, customers do experience wireless networks being slow or down.

The solution could be simple, maybe you just need to figure out the right place to put your access points, but to get to the solution the customer needs an expert understanding of the behavior of wireless networks. Most of these customer issues go un-noticed leading to an unsatisfied customer, in turn affecting your future sales.

Introducing – Virtual Wireless Experts (VWE) – an AI-powered engine built for WiFi Access Points.

  • Built on proprietary technology – EvolvTM
  • Smart, scalable solution with complete autonomous Self-Organizing Devices – SOD™.
  • Sleek dashboard for simplified insights – VYOM

VWE is constantly connected to the customer measuring the QOE of the customer to improve wireless experience for enterprises, SMB, Retails, and ISPs. With VWE users can predict, automate, and get real-time insights on device performance.