Beer & Tech – Sydney

Come and join TDS for an afternoon of technical discussion, lunch and of course beer tastings hosted by the fantastic folk at Philter Brewing.

The afternoon technical talks are built around a presentation from the head brewer at Philter.

The technical talks are:
Microbursts and Effects – Sergio will go into detail around how to detect, monitor and troubleshoot microbursts and the effect they have on the network environment. Microbursts can often cause serious degradation on the network and being able to quickly identify is a real benefit.

DNS Vulnerabilities – Kumar will discuss the importance of DNS security and why traditional security solutions are not adapted to protect DNS. DNS security, often overlooked can be the cause of phishing attacks or data exfiltration via malware.

Discovery & Visibility – Getting to understand devices and how to see how they impact with other will be covered by Dom in the final session. Device discovery, the resulting visibility, and the understanding of dependencies can help when upgrading infrastructure, migrating to the cloud or just trying to understand what is where and who talks to whom.

Come and sign up now as places are strictly limited.

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